Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Environmental Policy

Firesure is committed to protecting and enhancing local and global environments and to ensure that our activities are carried out in a sustainable way.

Some of the practical measures that we have implemented to promote our environmental and sustainability policy are:
  1. We recycle all waste metal fire extinguisher and hose reel parts
  2. We recycle all waste plastic parts
  3. We recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic, and other packaging materials from our suppliers
  4. We remove and recycle 100% of all cardboard, paper, plastic, and other packaging materials used to deliver fire protection equipment to our customers where we unpack and install this equipment
  5. We reduce unnecessary emissions and chemicals from extinguishers by re-using them for training purposes
  6. We dispose of electrical fire protection devices to the WEEE directive
  7. We do not discharge any fire extinguisher during maintenance or training that contains protein foam, aqueous film-forming foam, wet chemical, water with additive, or any organohalogens in environments where it can enter groundwater
To meet our environmental and sustainability policy aim, we will endeavour to:
  1. be aware of all new environmental legislation and regulations
  2. comply with all environmental legislation and regulations
  3. minimise energy use and its associated CO2 emissions
  4. maximise the use of renewable energy sources where possible
  5. minimise the generation of waste
  6. maximise the re-use of materials and products
  7. maximise the use of recycled materials and products
  8. maximise the recycling of materials and products
  9. minimise raw materials consumption
  10. maximise the use of material from renewable sources
  11. minimise polluting emissions to air, land and water
  12. minimise the use of polluting forms of transport
  13. assess the environmental impacts of all working practices and product manufacture
  14. assess the whole life environmental performance of all purchases
  15. maximise the use of local products and local workforce
  16. minimise the use of water
Working with our suppliers and customers is extremely important in achieving an acceptable level of performance against our policy aim.