Dry Riser & Fire Hydrant Equipment: inlet and outlet cabinets, instantaneous couplings, blank plugs, branchpipes, nozzles, breechings, layflat hose, outlet valves, etc.

Dry Riser & Fire Hydrant Equipment

Firesure supply a complete range of dry riser equipment, hydrants, and spares. In addition to offering the full range of standard equipment we can also provide tailor made solutions. This range includes:

Outlet Valves

Gate/Landing Valves:

Dry riser gate valves are manufactured to BS 5041 Pt 2. The gate valves are available with a 2.5" Table D/E or PN16 Flange and a 2.5" BSP Male or Female Thread.

Globe Pattern Valves:

Manufactured to BS 5041 Pt 1 and BS 5154 they all have dual seats. Available in four patterns, Right Angle, horizontal, Bib Nose and Oblique. Inlets can be flanged or threaded and outlets with 2.5" Instantaneous Female or any international fitting.
Outlet Valve

Inlet Breechings

Available as a 2-way or 4-way pumping in breeching to BS 5041 Pt 3.

2-way Inlet Breeching:

Inlet: 2 x 2.5" Instantaneous Male Non-Return Valve
Outlet: 4" PN16 or Table D Flange

4-way Inlet Breeching:

Inlet: 4 x 2.5" Instantaneous Male Non-Return Valve
Outlet: 6" PN16 or Table D Flange
Inlet Breeching

Underground Hydrant - BS 750 Type II Hydrant

Screw-down type, cast iron body with manganese bronze valve and forged bronze spindle. Supplied with blank cap, chain and frost valve.

a Underground hydrant type 2
b Plastic blank cap

Contact Firesure for full technical specifications and range available.

Technical Specification for Type 2:
Inlet flange 3" BS Table 'E' or 80mm NP16
Outlet connection 2 1/2" BS Round Thread Male
Body Test Pressure 24 Bar
Seat and Valve tested to 16 Bar
Weight 23kg
Underground Hydrants

Inlet and Outlet Cabinets

A range of inlet and outlet cabinets built to comply with BS5041: Part 5.
  • Designed to house inlet breechings and landing valves.
  • Georgian wired glass panel and spring cylinder lock with key.
  • Manufactured from zintec, epoxy polyester powder coated in red.

Contact Firesure for full technical specifications and range available.
Inlet and Outlet Cabinets
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