Annual Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Fire Hydrants to BS 9990:2015

Fire Hydrant Testing

Firesure provide inspection, testing, maintenance, and certification services for undergound fire hydrants and for aboveground wet or dry barrel pillar fire hydrants.

A fire hydrant is an assembly comprising a valve and outlet connection from external fire mains that is provided as a source of water for use by the Fire Service for fire-fighting purposes.

Regular testing of a fire hydrant is an essential means of ensuring that it will work as required in an emergency. Flow rate and static pressure testing also provides important field information for the fire service and for facilities managers to accurately estimate the capabilities of fire mains. An underground fire hydrant should be tested annually and certified to BS 5306-1:1976 & BS 9990:2015.

The Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003 and the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 require that fire-fighting equipment must be inspected and maintained with the frequency necessary to ensure that it remains in good working order. Apart from the legal requirement, failure to maintain your fire hydrants in good working order may invalidate your insurance cover.

Fire hydrant testing to BS 5306-1:1976 & BS 9990:2015

Underground fire hydrants are checked for conformity to BS 750. A static pressure test is carried out and the pressure is noted. The outlet is flushed out and outlet connection is checked. A wet test is carried out using a hydrant flowmeter and the l/min flow rate is noted. The operation of the frost valve is checked (where fitted), and the pit is left empty and clean.

During these inspections and tests the following is checked and noted for remedial action if necessary: chamber pit, frame and cover, outlet depth, surface around frame edge, and marker plate.

A report and certificate to BS 5306-1:1976 & BS 9990:2015 will be issued on completion. If any major defects are found during testing the client will be issued with an estimate prior to any remedial work being carried out. Fire Hydrant Testing
Fire Hydrant Testing

*Note: Withdrawn but still referenced in the Building Regulations 1997-2013.
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